Knuckle in honey – mustard glaze

Rulka is a gastronomic pleasure, because it is fried, boiled, and then baked – it is saturated with aromas of spices “Lubystok”, dried fruit, honey, mustard and beer. For garnish – fried potatoes and spicy cabbage.



Ingredients preparation time:

30 minutes

Cooking time:

4 hours


Spices "Lubystok": black pepper peas, allspice, coriander seeds, mustard seeds, ground black pepper, bay leaf, dried granulated garlic, cloves, star anise
"Spanish smoked paprika" seasoning from the "Tastes of the World" line
Oregano and Rosemary Premium from "Lubystok"
Pink Himalayan salt "Lubystok" - to taste
Pork knuckle - 1 pc. (1.5 kg.)
Beer (dark) - 200 ml.
Dried fruits - 100 g
Carrots - 100 g
Onions - 100 g
Oil - 50 ml
Fresh herbs, rosemary

Potatoes - 0.5 kg.
Cabbage (blue) - 200 g
Mustard is strong and gentle - 20 g
Mayonnaise - 20 g
Honey - 20 g


  1. Wash and dry the knuckle. Fry on both sides. Transfer to a saucepan.
  2. Alternately add water, fried carrots and onions, dried fruits and prunes, fresh dill and rosemary, Himalayan pink salt and spices “Lubystok” – black pepper, allspice, coriander seeds, mustard seeds, ground black pepper, bay leaf, garlic, cloves, star anise and seasoning “Spanish smoked paprika” from the line “Tastes of the World”. Add 200 ml of dark beer.
  3. Cook over low heat for 2-3 hours. Remove the finished handle and grease with mustard-honey glaze. Put to bake in the oven for another 30 minutes.
  4. We are preparing a side dish – fried potatoes and blue cabbage salad with spices from “Lubystok”: rosemary and oregano. Add beet juice to mayonnaise – we will need to decorate the knuckle during serving. After baking, re-grease the knuckle with honey-mustard glaze.


Enjoy your knuckle in honey – mustard glaze with “Lubystok”!


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