About TM “Lubystok”

We wish your favourite dishes to be tasty and flavory. That’s the reason why a team of Trading House Lybustok has been creating natural spices and seasonings for more than 10 years. No GMOs, preservatives, flavorings and colorants added!

We were the first in Ukraine who created series of organic spices. We care about health and respect the planet we live on! Due to advanced ecological manufacturing, the spices of TM “Lubystok” are rich of minerals and vitamins beneficial to your health along with real natural taste and aroma.

In 2013 our team started a cooperation with a winner of Ukrainian “Hell’s Kitchen” – Chef Yurii Kondratiuk. Together we create unique recipes of spices and seasonings mixes for you to enjoy new dishes every day.

Our modern packaging equipment of production meets the latest international standards.

In 2014 the company introduced the international quality standard IFS Food and the whole production process of spices and seasonings is controled according to it.

Team of TM Lubystok is open for partnership and cooperation. Our production is popular in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Georgia.

We are always on our customers’ side! That’s why the quality, unique recipes, perfect taste and aroma of our products are the main prioriry. Together with you a team of TM “Lubystok” creates a common story turning your dishes into culinary masterpieces with a pinch of seasoning!