Tastes of the World seasoning line

Restaurants had returned to a place where we all began to cook – on a home kitchen. More and more people invite their friends home to try exquisite dishes. Passion for cooking, curiosity, and a desire to go beyond their expectations stands behind this.

We contribute to building a healthier society by promoting healthy home food habits, reducing salt intake with the new «Tastes of the World» collection.

Six flavors – well-known and intriguing new combinations:

  • Curry masala
  • Khmeli-suneli
  • Thai spices
  • French seasoning
  • American steak
  • Mexican spices

To feel them, consider each taste separately.

“Curry masala”

Mystery and luxury
The luxurious, rich composition of selected premium spices. It has a pronounced golden-yellow color, a characteristic oriental aroma and a moderately hot taste.
Ideal for side dishes, poultry, salad dressings and pickling vegetables.


Hospitality and sincerity
A special bouquet of traditional Georgian herbs and selected premium spices with distinct nut notes of uckho-suneli and freshness of saffron.
Successfully complements soups, rice dishes, meat, poultry, combined with vegetables and beans. Use for rubbing vegetables or meat before frying or baking

“French” seasoning

An elegant classic of taste
A composition of selected spices, nutmeg and fragrant herbs for the delicacy of your dishes.
Ratatouille, quiche, gratin, julienne – taste slowly, enjoy every shade of amazing French cuisine

“American steak”

Optimism and friendliness
The original mixture of selected premium spices will give the meat a tender spiciness, emphasize its taste and help to maintain juiciness.
Perfect for beef, lamb, pork, ideal for preparing sauces for steaks. Use for rubbing meat, fish, vegetables before frying or baking.

“Mexican spices”

Expression of aromas
Spicy, soft and harmonious seasoning is a combination of smoked paprika, spicy chili and selected premium spices that create a rich taste of Mexican recipes: taco, burrito, fajitas, other Mexican meat, fish and vegetarian dishes.
Use for rubbing vegetables or meat before grilling or baking.

“Thai spices”

Culinary exotics
Bright citrus notes of ginger root and freshness of lemongrass for exotic aroma and characteristic soft sour-sweet taste of Thai dishes. Suitable for vegetables, shrimp, chicken and duck