Bruschetta with mushroom pate

Bruschetta is not just a toast. Dried bread with olive oil and spices is delicious on its own. Bruschetta from “Lubystok” with mushroom pate and aromatic spices Premium will not leave anyone indifferent.



Ingredients preparation time:

22 minutes

Cooking time:

50 minutes


1. Mushrooms - 500 g
2. Ciabatta - 1 pc.
3. Cream - 200 ml
4. Butter - 50 g
5. Olive oil - 100 ml
6. Parmesan cheese - 20 g
7. Oregano Premium "Lubystok"
8. Organic sugar "Dobryk" - 1 tbsp.
9. Fresh thyme
10. Garlic
11. Salt to taste
12. Fresh basil
13. Cherry tomatoes


  1. Cut half of the prepared mushrooms and fill with water. Boil with a little salt.
  2. Throw the finished boiled mushrooms on the druslyak. Cut the rest of the mushrooms and put them on a baking sheet, covering them with parchment.
  3. Next, add some salt, sprinkle with oregano, thyme, chopped garlic and pour with olive oil.
  4. You need to cook them in the oven at 80-90 degrees.
  5. Cut the ciabatta into pieces, sprinkle with dried oregano, salt, thyme, chopped garlic and pour over with olive oil.
  6. We put the ciabatta in the oven so that it turns brown at 160-170 degrees.
  7. In a mixture of olive oil and butter, fry boiled mushrooms with the addition of thyme, garlic and dried oregano.
  8. Season with salt,  organic sugar “Dobryk” and add cream. Boil until thick.
  9. Transfer the resulting consistency to a blender and add the dried mushrooms. We interrupt until a homogeneous mixture. We cool it down.
  10. On the ruddy ciabatta we spread the pate we have prepared. Decorate with chopped sun-dried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and grated Parmesan.

Enjoy your bruschetta with “Lubystok”!


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