The way of our organic spices to your favorite dishes begins in faraway Indonesia – the largest archipelago in the world, situated between Pacific and Indian oceans.

Your favorite spices grow on chemical-free fields, which extend among the majestic mountainous terrains and pristine spaces of exotic nature

A professional staff with love manually cares about each plant every day and fertilizes the soil only with organics. The plants ripen and grow under a mild sun and vital rain

The exacting British professionals control each stage of spices manufacturing: check the quality of soil, seeds, fertilizers and raw products in advanced labs. That is the way we save the essential advantages, real natural taste and fragrant aroma of our organic spices.

We deliver the best organic and essential spices to Ukraine. Our modern packing equipment meets the latest international standards. All raw products are carefully heat treated to achieve the best quality of your favorite spices.

Every day you cook with inspiration appetizing soups, nourishing porridge, gentle salads, backed till golden crust meat for your beloved people… Your cooking story weaves with ours at the moment you add our fragrant organic spices to your dish, creating delicate tones of diverse taste and amazing aroma.

With care about you.

With respect to the planet.