Mexican avocado soup

This recipe combines all the flavors typical of Mexican cuisine. Spicy food lovers will love the taste of Mexican avocado soup.



Ingredients preparation time:

25 minutes

Cooking time:

35 minutes


1. Chiken meat - 1 kg.
2. Water - 2 liters.
3. Jar of canned corn (or 300g fresh)
4. Jar of canned dark kvassol
5. Tomato juice - 250 ml.
6. Chili pepper - 1 pc.
7. Garlic - 4th tooth.
8. Avocado - 2 pcs.
9. Lime - 1 pc.
10. Seasoning "Mexican spices" from the line "Tastes of the World" - 2 tsp.
11. Nachosi (or tortilla)


  1. Boil the meat in water. Remove the meat and dice it and return it to the broth.
  2. Add corn, beans, chopped chili, garlic, pour in tomato juice and  the soup with two teaspoons season of Mexican Spices from the Tastes of the World line of the  Trading house “Lubystok”. Boil for about 15 minutes.
  3. Spoon into bowls and add portions of sliced ​​avocado, nachos or toasted tortilla. Add lime juice to taste and season with sour cream.

Enjoy your meal with “Lubystok”!