Exotic Mexico in your home kitchen – we prepare classic guacamole. A delicious dish that is very easy to prepare and tastes like a restaurant! Add to the guacamole spices “Lubystok” – coriander and zira, and serve with fragrant crispy nachos.



Ingredients preparation time:

15 minutes

Cooking time:

40 minutes


1. Avocado (ripe) - 2 pcs
2. Red onion (small) - 1 pc
3. Garlic - 3-4 cloves
4. Fresh chili peppers - 1 pc
5. Lime - 1 pc
6. Olive oil - 20 ml
7. Cilantro - 15 g
8. Himalayan pink salt - to taste
9. Baguette - 1 pc
10. Organic oregano "Lubystok" - 2 hours
11. Whole cumin (zira) "Lubystok" - 5 g
12. Tomato - 1 pc.
13. Coriander whole "Lubystok" - 5 g


  1. Pre-washed avocados peel and remove the bone. Cut and mash with a potato masher until smooth.
  2. In a mortar, grind whole coriander “Lubystok” and whole cumin (zira) “Lubystok”.
  3. Place the pre-prepared avocado in a mortar with spices. Add lime or lemon zest and fresh to taste. Season with Himalayan pink salt to taste.
  4. Prepare salsa: scald the tomato and peel under cold water. Peel a squash, grate it and cut it into cubes. Peel a chili pepper and cut it into small cubes. Cut blue onions into small cubes. Chop fresh cilantro (pre-washed and dried). Garlic cut into small cubes. Mix all ingredients in a bowl and season with Himalayan pink salt to taste. Add olive oil. Put part of the dressing in a mortar and mash with a pestle until smooth, leave the rest on the decor. Put in a prepared plate. Level with a spoon and make indentations. Drizzle with olive oil. Lay out the dressing, decorate with chili rings and cilantro leaves.
  5. Prepare nachos: cut a baguette, season with chopped garlic, organic oregano “Lubystok”, Himalayan pink salt and pour olive oil. Dry in the oven at 160 ° C for 10-15 minutes.
  6. Serve guacamole with nachos.


Enjoy your meal with “Lubystok”!

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