Italian-style borscht

The dish we advice you to cook is a great example to show how to change the taste of familiar dishes using natural spices and herbs. Borscht is a symbol of Ukrainian cuisine. Every housewife has her own unique recipes of borscht.

With the help of herbs, tomatoes and olive oil we’ll cook our favorite Ukrainian borscht with light Italian flavor. Our Italian-style borscht is gentle, low-calorie and health beneficial! It tastes perfectly at spring- and summertime!


  • ? head of cabbage;
  • 2 middle beets;
  • 1 big carrot;
  • 1 middle onion;
  • 1 big potato;
  • 1 small parsley root;
  • 70 gr beans (soaked beforehand);
  • 1,5 l water;
  • olive oil;
  • 2 teaspoons tomatoe paste;
  • 15 gr dried tomatoes;
  • 1 tablespoon red vinegar (or balsamic vinegar);
  • spices: basilmarjoram (or Italian hers mix), paprikablend “5 peppers”, sault – ? teaspoon of each, but you can season to taste.


  1. Soak the beans in water minimum for 1,5 – 2 hours before cooking.
  2. Boil the beans for an hour.
  3. Slice the beet, add vinegar and roast it in olive oil for 7-8 minutes.
  4. Grate the carrot, mix it with beet, and some water and stew all together for 5 minutes.
  5. Dice potato, parsley root and boil it with beans.
  6. Slaw cabbage boil with beans, potato and parsley root.


  1. Add to boiling vegetables small whole onion (you can get it out of the pan at the end of cooking).
  2. Add browned carrot, beet and tomato paste to pan.
  3. Boil all together till potato doneness (8-10 minutes).
  4. 5 minutes before end of cooking add to borscht spices and dried tomatoes.
  5. You can add fragrant olive oil at will.
  6. Necessarily brew the borscht minimum for 1 hour.

Buon appetito!